About Brand New Vegan


Hi there, I’m Chuck, and I’m a Brand New Vegan!

Well – technically, I guess you could say I follow a low-fat, whole foods, plant-based diet that focuses on lots of healthy starches –  but that’s quite a mouthful.

Either way it just means I don’t eat meat of any kind, or dairy, and no added oils or fat.


Why Vegan


About 5 years ago as I was rapidly approaching my 50’s – I noticed everyone around me was getting sicker with one kind of chronic condition or another.  (And in some cases just downright fat).

It’s all a part of getting older  – some would say.

And, at the time I would have agreed as I was pushing 225 pounds and had trouble tying my own shoes.  But it was when my doctor started warning me that thanks to my standard american diet of cheeseburgers and cigarettes I was becoming a high risk for a heart attack……  I stopped and took notice.  My cholesterol numbers were thru the roof, and I was pre-diabetic.

It was time to change something or become a pill taker for life.


Books, Movies, and Doctors

Because I’m an internet junkie I started watching documentaries like Supersize Me, Food Inc., and Food Matters.  I followed those up with books like You Can Prevent And Reverse Heart Disease by Caldwell Esselstyn and The China Study by Dr T Colin Campnel.

Vegan?  It was all pointing in the same direction, but I wasn’t sure I could do it.

Give up all meat?  No more bacon?  No more hot dogs?  No cheese?  Seriously?  Forget it.  This was hopeless.

I walked around healthy grocery stores like New Seasons and Whole Foods and thought there’s no way I’m becoming some weird-ass, hippie vegan like these folks….

But I did.  🙂

I also quit smoking – another thing I never thought I’d do.  And it was so much easier than I thought.  And after watching more recent documentaries like Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead and Forks Over Knives, I knew this would be the way I’d live my life forever.

At my first opportunity I switched my Healthcare Insurance over to Kaiser Permanente and signed up with the best doc I could find – Craig McDougall.  Yep – as in the son of Dr. John McDougall himself who was featured in the documentaries Processed People and Forks Over Knives. Hey – if you’re going to be Vegan might as well get a Vegan doc – right?


The Results


jordan-whole-foodsToday my lipid numbers are all normal again.  My blood pressure is still coming down.  I have more energy than I know what to do with, and yes I can tie my shoes again – thank you very much. At my lowest weight I had dropped almost 50 pounds, and now hover in the 180’s as that’s where I’m the most comfortable.  I may get down to 175 again, I may not.  The point is I feel better. Another benefit is I no longer get sick with colds and flu (which makes a lot of my friends envious).

Most importantly, I can be the best grandpa in the world to my 2 yr old grandson.  I can still crawl around on my hands and knees, and chase him all over the house,  something I wouldn’t have been able to do if I hadn’t changed my lifestyle.

I’d probably be taking a fistful full of pills every day, be in a wheelchair, both,  or worse.

And all around me the sickness continues.

Prostate Cancer, Diabetes, Breast Cancer, Hypertension, Gall Bladder Disease, Kidney Stones.  We spend so much money on pink ribbons and the like, when the answer to stopping and even reversing many of these diseases is right in front of us.


Start Here


My journey and all I have learned is chronicled throughout these pages.  A good place to start would be the START HERE page.

If you’re looking for some good recipes you can click here to go to the Recipe Section.  

The point is Start.  Do something before it becomes too late.

Even if you’re young and healthy, look around you….America is getting fatter and sicker and healthcare costs are skyrocketing. Take control of your own life and learn everything you can about the food you eat.

Food DOES matter. Good luck!