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There has been so MANY of you Brand New Vegans joining my site, I though I’d write a post that lists all my favorite books I’ve read over the years.

You know – the ones that got ME started.

I’m sure many of you already own many of these books, but for the brand new person just starting out – maybe there will be something in here you haven’t seen yet.

Of course there are so MANY vegan/plant-based books out there now –  I’m only going to list a few.   But – these are the ones that either got me started, or the ones I go back to for reference time and time again.

I hope this post will be helpful and if it is –  I’ll do a similar post later with my favorite videos at a later date.

Let me just say right now – because by law I have to…..

Any links you see in the text that follows will be affiliate links.  What that means is if you buy any of these books through my amazon affiliate links – I make a little bit of money that helps support my site.

So, with all legalities aside….

Books I Recommend for the Brand New Vegan


Diet For A New America, John Robbins

I think this was the very first vegan book I ever read.  And like so many thousands of others – it changed me

If you’ve never heard of John Robbins – think Baskin Robbins.  Yeah – THAT Robbins – and he tells his story of how he went from being next in line to owning the family Ice Cream Business – to walking away from it all in search of something completely different.

This is a must read and I can’t recommend it enough .

Amazon Link to Diet For a New America



The Food Revolution by John Robbins

Another must read by John Robbins.

This book goes into the politics of what he calls the Food Revolution.  It was one of the very first books to discuss the negative health effects of eating genetically modified foods and animal products of all kinds.  It also exposed the dangers of our factory farming system, and advocates a complete plant-based diet.

This was a real eye-opener for me.  Another must read.

Amazon Link to Food Revolution



Skinny Bitch by Rory Freedman and Kim Barnouin

This book made me laugh…..a lot!

These gals have a way of getting right in your face and telling you exactly how it is!  If you can get past the language – and trust me there’s a lot of it (although not quite as bad as Thug Kitchen) they really do have a story to tell and a lot of good information.

Amazon Link to Skinny Bitch



The China Study by Dr. T. Collin Campbell

The New York Times has recognized this study as the “Grand Prix of epidemiology” and the “most comprehensive large scale study ever undertaken comparing the relationship between diet and the risk of developing disease.

If you or anyone you know has a chronic illness, whether it’s Diabetes, Cancer, Heart Disease, whatever – you simply HAVE to read this book.  Nothing else needs to be said.  Definitely a must have.

Amazon Link to China Study



Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease by Dr Caldwell Esselstyn Jr.

Again – just buy it if you don’t already own it.  Especially if you or any of your loved ones have Heart Disease.

Yes, the book says REVERSE HEART DISEASE.  It’s been done.  It’s entirely possible.  Why hasn’t your own doctor ever mentioned this?  Read the book.

This book can save lives.  Must have.

Amazon Link for Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease 



Reversing Diabetes by Dr Neil Barnard

Again, REVERSING chronic disease.

Impossible?  Think again.  It’s not only possible it’s been proven many times by many different doctors.  And no matter if it’s Heart Disease, or Diabetes, or fill in the blank …..

A Plant Based Diet is the one that will make you better.

Amazon Link to Reversing Diabetes



How Not To Die by Dr Michael Greger

Dr Michael Greger has been updating his free website for years now – so it’s no surprise he finally decided to write his own book.  I

f you have a naysayer in your group who is always wanting the scientific proof – then this is the book to go to as it’s literally full of facts and figures, charts and graphs.

Amazon Link to How Not To Die



The Starch Solution by Dr John McDougall

Out of all of the amazing Doctors I’ve listed, Dr McDougall has got to be my favorite.  He’s been preaching a starch-based diet for over 40 years now.

For all the Low Carbers out there – The Starch Solution is all ABOUT Carbs.  Potatoes, Corn, Rice, even Pasta for maximum weight loss.

Another must have for your collection.

Amazon Link to The Starch Solution



Will Kriski-768x1152 The Starch-Plus Diet by Will Kriski

Finally, I simply have to leave a link to my buddy Will Kriski’s new book The Starch-Plus Diet.

You probably know him as Potato Strong.

I know him as a fellow blogger and an avid follower of Dr McDougall’s program.  Will and his wife are living proof that eating a Starch-Based Diet works.  Check it out.

Affiliate Link to The Starch Plus Diet


brand new vegan ebookSoups, Stews, & Chilis by Chuck Underwood

Ok, late addition to the list – but I simply HAVE to include my very OWN eBook….right?

Perfect for the Brand New Vegan as it includes an Introduction to this way of eating as well as a convenient shopping guide and all my popular Soup, Stew, & Chili Recipe to get you started.

Link to Brand New Vegan’s eBook – Soups, Stews, & Chilis




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