Brand New Vegan Cookbook

You ever laugh so hard that whatever you were drinking came shooting out of your nose?

Yeah me too.

And if you would have told me 20 years ago that I would one day write a book – especially a Brand New VEGAN COOKBOOK – that’s EXACTLY what would have happened.

I mean me?  Really?  A writer?!  Uh huh – right.

AND a Vegan?  Okee dokee then……. And I suppose you have a bridge you want to sell me too…..

But here we are 20 years later and I AM Vegan, and I AM a writer, and I DID just publish my very first book.

I Am Pleased to Announce The Release of The  Brand New Vegan Cookbook –  SOUPS, STEWS, & CHILIS!

And I really hope you like it.


Brand New Vegan Cookbook


brand new vegan cookbookI know SO many of you have asked for this – but at the time I really had no idea how to even get started.  So I spent quite a lot of time researching eBooks, formats, Kindle, Amazon, all that technical stuff before I finally decided to give it a go.

Once I got started – it actually became easier than I thought.  The hard part was finding some software to help me write it – especially on a Mac.  But I did, and from beginning to end it took a little over a month to complete.

Here’s the details:

  • It’s about 60 pages, split up into 3 sections.
  • Section 1 is like a Beginner’s Guide for the Brand New Vegan…
  • Section 2 is a Shopper’s Guide to help you know what to buy in the Grocery Store….
  • And Section 3 is all my favorite Soup, Stew, and Chili Recipes laid out in an easy to read format, with photos

This very first version is an eBook – meaning it’s electronic and you can download it directly to your tablet, computer, etc. as a .pdf file.

I know many of you really want a printed version – but for that I need a publisher – and money – and a lot more time.    So this way I can get it out to you sooner, plus it reduces my learning curve for the next one.

BUT…. you can easily print out my book and add it to a 3-ring binder to make your very own paper cookbook.  They sell plastic sheet protectors so you can easily protect your recipes while using it in the kitchen.

To make it easier to print – I have all the recipes on the even pages and all the photos on the odd pages, so you can just print out the recipes if you want and not use up a lot of ink on the photos.


How Do I Get The Book?


brand new vegan cookbook


I’ve included a link at the top of this post underneath the photo.

Also, at the very top of my Home Page is menu item called EBOOK.  Click it to go to my Store.

You will be taken to a Paypal Page where you can either use your PayPal Account, OR Credit Card.  Once payment is confirmed you should receive an email with a download link in it.

That’s it!  Super Easy.


What If I Have Trouble?


If you have ANY trouble – AT ALL – purchasing or downloading my Brand New Vegan Cookbook –   Contact me via eMail or Facebook.

I can very easily email you a copy.

Speaking of which – many of you have graciously supported this site by donating.  I can’t tell you enough ho much I appreciate that.  So for those of you who have already donated $10 or more – I sent you a free copy.

In fact – I’ll keep doing that.

If you’d rather just Donate $10 or more, rather than go through the eStore process, I’ll personally email you your very own free copy of my book, as my way of saying Thank You!

You can find the DONATE Button on that same Menu I showed you earlier – over to the the right.

The Donation forms still uses PayPal but you won’t have to worry about downloading anything.

And if PayPal itself is a problem, and you still want my book, contact me and I’m sure we can make other arrangements.


You’re the BEST!










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