I just want to start by giving Mike Dougherty and his gang at Evolution Bamboo a huge “Thank You” for this awesome cutting board they sent me.  Absolutely beautiful!

evolution bamboo

Cutting Board with drawers by Evolution Bamboo

When Mike reached out and asked me if I’d promote his new company’s giveaway, I knew I had to say yes.  I mean are you kidding?  As many vegetables as we chop?  A good cutting boards is darn-near PRICELESS when you’re Plant-Based.

All those stir frys, and salads, and potatoes?

Yeah we chop a LOT.  And to be able to use a big, beautiful, cutting board like this one?   With DRAWERS?!

Psssshh…..come ON!  I was ready to hop on over to Amazon and buy one instantly.

And the really cool thing about Mike’s new company, Evolution Bamboo is ….the bamboo they use use to make their products is not only beautiful, it’s also sustainable and eco-friendly.

Perfect for us environmentally conscious Vegans too.

Check out the following facts on Bamboo….


5 Smart Reasons to Love Evolution Bamboo


  • Bamboo is a renewable resource.  Depending on the species, bamboo can be harvested in one to five years compared to traditional hardwoods which can take up to forty.
  • Bamboo absorbs greenhouse gases. Bamboo absorbs carbon dioxide and releases 35% more oxygen into the atmosphere than an equivalent stand of hardwood trees.
  • No fertilizer, pesticides, or herbicides.  Unlike many other crops, bamboo requires no chemicals to thrive so it’s naturally organic.
  • Very little waste. After harvesting, virtually every part of the plant is used to make a wide variety of products.  The young shoots are even edible and popular in many Asian Stir Frys.
  • Amazing growth rate. Some species of bamboo can grow more than three feet in a day!   You can honestly WATCH it grow!  And when it’s harvested, it will grow a new shoot from its roots, so there’s no need for additional planting or cultivation.

But the most important reason to love Evolution Bamboo?

Their products.


This cutting board is flat out gorgeous.  And the 4 additional drawers underneath make it incredibly handy to hold your veggies until it’s time to add them to your pan.

Solidly built
Incredible design
And eco-friendly Bamboo.

Great job Mike and Darwin and thanks for an amazing product !!

Highly recommended.  *****

Evolution’s products are available for sale on Amazon.  I’ll include a link here if you’re interested.  These are Amazon Affiliate links – so yes I will make a small commission for each and every purchase but at no additional cost to you.  You’ll be helping support Evolution Bamboo AND Brand New Vegan at the same time.  Win-win!

Link to Amazon


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