A Brand New Start

Hi I’m Chuck.

I’m not a trained chef.

I’ve never taken a writing class, photography class, or even a cooking class.

And I’m certainly not a licensed nutritionist or a doctor either.

What I AM is an average, everyday person, just like you, who loves to eat healthy.  And it’s really EASY to do.

And you know what?  If I can do it – so can you.

I love showing  people just how simple it is to take control of their health, lose a few pounds, and become healthy, vibrant, Brand New Vegans themselves,  by cooking and eating a whole foods, plant based, diet.

You can read all ABOUT ME HERE, but suffice it to say I have lost over 40 pounds since I started AND I significantly reduced my cholesterol and my chances of heart disease……just by eating the right foods.

That’s some pretty powerful stuff.



Don’t Know Where To Start?


Here are a few suggestion to get you up to speed in a hurry.


And least I forget the Recipes – here’s some of the more popular ones.



What About Doctors?


By all means go see yours before changing anything drastic with your lifestyle, whether it’s the food or exercise.  Your doctor may or not be 100% on board with a Vegan Diet, but explain to them your goals and I’m sure they will point you in the right direction.

And yes, there ARE Vegan doctors out there too.  I know – I have one.


healthyguideA Visit with Dr. McDougall

Dr. Craig S McDougall, MD

Dr. John McDougall, MD


In fact, Craig, in conjunction with Northwest Kaiser Permanente, developed the following guide to plant-based nutrition, “Healthy Living: Eat Healthy, Live Better,” for his medical speciality clinic where he uses a plant-based diet to prevent and reverse most common diseases.

You can download the guide right here.  





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Still Can’t Find What You’re Looking For?


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I’m so glad you made the decision to become a Brand New Vegan.

Best wishes on your new journey!