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Photo “One Thing” by Quinn Dombrowski courtesy of Flickr

How many people do you know right now who have some kind of health problem?  Something that requires pills, or needles, or frequent trips to the doctor?

What if you told them there was ONE THING they could do……. right now……  that could probably help their condition.

I’m talking about easing the symptoms of, and maybe even preventing many of the major diseases that plague our country today.

Not only prevent them, but in some cases even REVERSE them.

Heart disease
High Blood Pressure
High Cholesterol
Gall Stones
Kidney Stone
Crohn’s Disease
even Alzheimers.



Just One Thing


Would they listen?


What if you told them this “One Thing”

  • Requires no pills
  • Doesn’t involve surgery
  • Is not painful at all
  • Doesn’t even require a doctor visit
  • Did I mention it’s easy?
  • And free?


Now would they listen?


Religion, Politics, and Food


You may have their attention by now, maybe……

But it’s probably more like an amusing curiosity.  I’m mean after all, what could YOU possibly know about health matters, or medical conditions….right?

Now mention food.

The very second you mention possibly changing their diet …..  poof – you lost them.   It’s like you’re asking someone to change their religion or something.

I was always taught never to discuss politics or religion – probably because they can both be very heated subjects with lots of opinions.  I would like to add food to that list, and maybe even move it to the #1 location.

Mention food and EVERYONE gets defensive! 

Because what a person eats is one of the few things in their life that gives them immediate satisfaction or pleasure.  It’s something that has been implanted in their consciousness since childhood,  whether it’s good for them or not.

They eat the same foods they have enjoyed for years.  Maybe even the same foods their parents ate, the same brands, the same cooking methods.

It’s tradition.

Thanksgiving Turkey, Christmas Ham, 4th of July Burgers & Dogs, Chicken Wings during the big game…

And here you are suggesting that their food is making them sick?!  How dare you…..what are you – a DOCTOR now?

But that IS the One Thing you know …..


Changing the Foods You Eat


Food is SO important to our health, it’s a crime it’s not taught in schools.

I mean if you think about it, what does ANY life form on this planet need to survive?

Fresh Air, Clean Water, and FOOD!

Food is what provides these machines of ours with all the necessary fuel, vitamins, and minerals it needs to function.

And we KNOW the body’s requirements for basic nutrition, it’s not like we haven’t figured it out by now …..

Water, vitamins, minerals, nutrients, carbs, some protein, and maybe a little fat.

But what do we usually give it?




That’s right…..poison,  usually in the form of some highly processed, food like substance, ready to take out of the drive-thru sack or pop in the microwave.

It’s very cheap, it’s SO tasty, it’s super fast, and amazingly convenient, and ….   it’s slowly poisoning your body.

Think about it.

The food you eat really only has one purpose…. to nourish your body.

And if it’s NOT nourishing your body, then it’s just empty calories, and it’s making you fat, or sick, or both.

It’s poisoning you.

And it’s a very slow process that usually doesn’t show it’s ugly effects until you grow older.

But wait –  “Isn’t that just part of getting old.”

Is it?  Really?

All the common medical conditions we see today?

Almost everywhere we look?  The obesity – the diabetes – the heart attacks?


They’re poisoning us!

And the good news?

Food poisoning can be reversed.  

You just need to do that One Thing.  

One simple, easy, inexpensive thing – that could possibly save your life.


Change The Foods You Eat


Eliminate the dairy, and the meat, and the oil, and all the fast food, processed crap we eat….

And eat more vegetables.
Eat more fruits.
Eat more whole grains.
Eat more starches.


Food your grandparents would recognize.

Foods that are perfect just the way they are, without any processing, or chemicals, or preservatives.

Study after study have shown, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that the very best diet for the human race is a  WHOLE FOOD, PLANT BASED DIET.  

Multiple doctors have published multiple articles in many of the prestigious medical journals , and they all show that a WFPB Diet:

Can reverse chronic medical problems.
Can reverse Type 2 Diabetes.
Can reverse Heart Disease.
Can  help you lose weight


Are you ready to change your health?  I mean REALLY change it for the better?

It’s a lot easier than you think.

One simple thing.

You can do it.

It may just change your life.






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