Yesterday morning, as I was just sitting down to run through my early morning blog rituals.. (stats, numbers, etc), I had just begun a new blog post…..when all of a sudden….

The lights went out.

ALL of them.

lights went out

Thankfully my laptop battery was full, but my internet was completely gone. So I grabbed my cell phone, lit a candle, and quickly found out from a community FB group that a squirrel had met his untimely demise in our nearby substation.

It really wasn’t a big deal (well…except for the squirrel maybe) as we all have experienced power outages from time to time, but for some reason it instantly reminded me of a book I read 8 or 9 years ago.

one second after

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“Once Second After” – by William Forstchen, follows a family living in North Carolina as they experience the aftermath of an EMP Attack on the United States. An Electromagnetic Pulse would be the result of a small nuke detonated somewhere over our atmosphere, and what it would do is basically fry anything electronic, (new car electronics, cell phones, computers, the entire power grid, etc).

In other words….the lights WOULD go out…..permanently.

So would all communication, transportation, banking, shopping, etc.

In other words, Hello 1800’s.

(I included a link to the book on Amazon, it is an EXCELLENT book and I highly recommend it.).  It is an affiliate link so I will receive a small commission on every purchase)    Link to One Second After


No Coffee?

What struck me as kind of funny (in a sad way), was that most of the chatter in that Community FB Group was complaints that they couldn’t make coffee.


I’m thinking to myself (remembering that book), “People, if this was something more serious than a squirrel in a substation, coffee should be the LEAST of your worries”.

For example, my daughter’s Humira shot for her Chron’s Disease needs to be refrigerated….. and right now my refrigerator is off. What would SHE do without her medicine? Same goes for Insulin…..think about THAT with the number of people we have in America with Type 2 Diabetes.

In fact, what will MOST people do without their Statins, BP meds, Metformin? Because in that worst case scenario – pharmacies will be emptied about as quickly as grocery stores, liquor stores, and gun shops.

And what about those people who commute crazy distances every day to work…..are you in shape enough to hike 15, 20, maybe 30 miles to get home to your spouse and kids? In excessive heat or cold? Would your heart take it?

For those people who live off mostly fast food, what will YOU do without your favorite burger joint or convenience store?

And for all the carnivores with freezers full of meat, what will YOU do when it starts to thaw out?


Time to Get Healthy

No, I guess if anything it made me realize how fortunate many of US here in this group really are. We are now herbivores, and can always grow our own food – if it ever came to that. (It doesn’t hurt to have a fully stocked pantry either….just sayin’).

And we ARE taking steps to rid ourselves of all those pharmeceuticals and making ourselves healthier each and every day where the majority of people aren’t.

This post was not meant to scare you (sorry if I did) OR turn you into a ‘prepper ‘ …. but to simply make you realize the importance of continuing down this path.

Get as healthy as you can, because we already KNOW it will save your life….but now maybe in more ways than you originally thought.



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