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bg-supportus-m_0Many of you have faithfully supported Brand New Vegan by generously giving your love, your comments, and your donations.

And I just wanted to say THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart!

Your amazing support over the years has helped Brand New Vegan become one of the fastest growing Vegan Food Blogs on the circuit!

And if you’re new, and absolutely LOVE Brand New Vegan, and would like to help make sure we stick around for awhile….. there are actually many ways you can help.

And some without even spending a dime!



new 3d bnv coverThis is an easy way to show your support AND have many of your favorite recipes right at your fingertips.

Our very first cookbook: Soups, Stews, & Chilis includes:

  • A Beginner’s Guide to Plant Based Diets
  • A handy Shoppers Guide to help shop wisely in the store
  • AND 20 of my favorite soup recipes to get you started

You really don’t want to miss this one… the button!


Thank You

Another way you can show your support is simply by donating.

I have TWO ways you can do that.

Single Donation 

There is a form below that you can use to make a single donation.  I left the amount open so you can donate whatever amount you are comfortable with.  I’ve had some people donate $1 and other people $50.

Every little bit helps and whatever you give is greatly appreciated.  You can donate via Paypal or Credit Card

And – with any donation of $10 or more I will personally email you a free copy of my book.

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Monthly Patronage

You can also show your support by making small Monthly Donations – as little as $1 a month through our new Patreon Site.  

As a member you will get:

  • Exclusive content
  • First look at new recipes
  • NO ADS
  • Downloadable recipes in PDF format
  • And a special invite to our private Facebook Group.

Show your support today by becoming a Patron of Brand New Vegan! 

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From time to time I will post a link to a book, service, or product I like to use and/or recommend.  These are Affiliate Links and for each purchase you make, I make a small commission.

This even includes Amazon.

Let’s say you click on this link for an Instant Pot Pressure Cooker….

If you buy it I’ll make a small commission.
If you buy it and then buy something else too….I get a larger commission.
If you buy a big screen TV instead….I get an even BIGGER commission..  🙂

Many of you shop Amazon anyway – now you can shop AND support your favorite Recipe Blog at the same time 🙂




You can also help by subscribing to our monthly newsletter, Brand New Bytes.

You’ll always be up to date on what’s happening with the blog, plus I include helpful tips, uplifting articles, and of course all your favorite recipes.

You can always cancel at any time, and did I mention  it’s free?



Believe it or not, just following us around on Social Media helps too.

By following us on Facebook for example, you’ll always get our latest posts and recipes in your Facebook Feed, allowing you to like them, and even share them on your own Facebook wall.

The more you share, the bigger we get!  It’s a win-win for everyone.

And…’s free!



And lastly, word of mouth advertising is STILL the best form of advertising there is.

If you LOVE a certain recipe – tell your friends!

  • You can email it
  • Share it on Facebook
  • Take your own photo and share it on Instagram
  • Make it for a potluck
  • Link to our blog
  • Link to our cookbook

Write us a testimonial

I LOVE pictures and stories.  Tell us yours!

How much weight did you lose?  How many pills have you stopped taking?  Is that really a photo of YOU now?

You get the idea.

No matter how you decide to help support BNV, just know how much I appreciate each and every one of you.

It’s readers like YOU that make this family so awesome!