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I’m SO glad you found me!  I’m Chuck and I’m a Plant Based Recipe Blogger!

I create and share wholesome, family-oriented, comfort food recipes that just happen to be made from plants.  I’m a Vegan who follows a Whole Food, Plant Based, No Oil Diet as recommended by doctors such as Dr. John McDougall, Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn,  and Dr. Neil Barnard.

I created this website to help you transition to this new way of eating, because as somebody who has ‘been there, done that’ – I know it can be HARD.

But with familiar, comfort food recipes you probably grew up with – I know it can be a whole lot easier.

All of my recipes are free, so please enjoy and share with your friends. 

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Vegan Red Onion Gravy

I saw this recipe on my favorite cooking gurus's YouTube channel, "Sam the Cooking Guy".  But it was loaded with butter, oil, and beef broth.  Well..... since I am Chuck the I Gotta Make This Healthier Guy...I knew I'd have to make a few changes if I wanted to try it....

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Holiday Vegan Dressing

What would Thanksgiving be without good old-fashioned dressing? But it's usually made with STICKS of butter.....right?   And even though we could use VEGAN butter.....that's still a LOT of fat!   So I made my own Holiday Vegan Dressing this year, without any oil,...

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Holiday Instant Pot Wild Rice

Don't you just LOVE November?  That crisp, fall air?  Those beautiful colored leaves?  And of course the smells of all those yummy Holiday Recipes?   Like this Holiday Instant Pot Wild Rice.   Ok, Wild Rice isn't really RICE at all....I knew that...did you? it's more...

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Vegan Chilaquiles

Today we're making Vegan Chilaquiles.  Now if you've never heard of Chilaquiles, don't worry....because as of last week I hadn't either.  But let me just say it's a traditional Mexican recipe and they ARE ....if I can remember my High School Spanish correctly.......

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New Mexican Vegan Posole

While living in Albuquerque, there were 2 things I could always count on during the holidays.....Tamales, and Posole.  So in order to continue enjoying one of MY favorite holiday stews, I created this version of New Mexican Vegan Posole. Pozole is a very traditional...

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Vegan Ham Salad

Anyone here remember Ham Salad Sandwiches?  Maybe it was a midwest thing, but man I used to like that stuff. In fact, I've missed it so much that last night I decided to try and make some Vegan Ham Salad, and let me tell you....this Indiana boy is one happy camper....

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Vegan Italian Meatballs

What could be more comforting than a good old-fashioned Spaghetti and Meatball Dinner?  Especially when you add these Vegan Italian Meatballs made entirely from scratch! Your whole family is going to love this. I have read so many comments of people absolutely loving...

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Vegan Stuffed Mushrooms

I was at a Blog Conference this last weekend, and during the Cocktail Party they had some of the most AMAZING Vegan Stuffed Mushrooms I've ever had.  This recipe may not be exact - but it IS close, and they ARE delicious. I can see this becoming a big Thanksgiving...

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Southern Style Vegan Green Beans

Cooking green beans in the south is a VERY personalized country tradition, so mom.....please don't shoot me for making these VEGAN Green Beans.  I still did it the old-fashioned way, I promise. You see, in the country, EVERYBODY snapped green beans. No, you didn't...

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Vegan Spinach Artichoke Bean Dip

Ok guys....Football season is almost HERE!!  And THAT means we're definitely going to need some dips and munchies.....  like this Vegan Spinach Artichoke Bean Dip.   Mmm pass the veggies! I can remember when we used to go to Applebee's...this was always my wife's...

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Vegan Green Chile Stew

I am a bonafide New Mexico Green Chile addict....  (hey don't judge...I DID live there for 10 years, waddya expect?)   And one of my FAVORITE ways to enjoy these tasty little morsels, is by making my Vegan Green Chile Stew. This Vegan Green Chile Stew has ALL my...

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Vegan Gyros with Tzatziki Sauce

Ever had Vegan Gyros?! (by the way - they're pronounced (yē-ˌrōs).......not JIROS ...and that sauce?  It's pronounced zat-ZEE-kee) However you pronounce it, they really are simple to make, SUPER delicious, and rest assured you'll be getting your helping of fresh...

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Spicy Southwestern Black Bean Burgers

Sometimes you just want a good burger, you know?  You're got the grill all fired up, you got the ears of corn roasting, maybe a carrot dog or two..... but a good, tasty, burger would just REALLY hit the spot.   Am I right? Guys, I made these Spicy Southwestern Black...

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Vegan Baked Beans (Instant Pot)

One of my most popular recipes to date, is this recipe for Best Dang BBQ Vegan Baked Beans. I first published it in May of 2015, and it has practically stayed in my top 10 list ever since - no matter the season. This is one of those recipes grandma or mom might have...

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“I’m from Texas and have been very disappointed with many of the vegan chili’s that I’ve tried. I made this recipe tonight and all I can say is…. This recipe is THE BOMB!!  Nothing else need be said!!!”
“Chuck: My wife and I tried this amazing cheese sauce with some whole wheat rotini tonight. Honestly couldn’t resist it…so mac and cheesy without all the cheesy badness. Thanks for the great recipe!! I have shared it on my blog today!”
“This was AWESOME and the hubby claimed this as his favorite vegan meal with meat subs that we’ve tried since we went vegan 4 weeks ago!!!  We are brand new vegans, and we will be back for more!”
“This Mac and “Cheese” is beyond delicious! There aren’t enough words to describe the fabulous mouthfeel and amazing taste! It’s cheesy and gooey…it’s a perfect replacement for real cheese. So amazingly delicious!”
“These are fantastic – hands down the best oven baked fries ever. I wouldn’t have believed how crispy they could be without oil until I tried them myself. I’ve had these 7 out of the past 9 days, and they just keep getting better every time (seriously, you’ve created a monster…). Loving your site – thank you!”   :D
“Chuck, Your recipes have changed our lives for the better. Thank you for sharing. Your recipes make it easy for me to learn to cook. Honesty, I cannot thank you enough!”
“TRY the brand new vegan cauliflower tacos, amazing, not kidding, they are literally the best taco, I’ve EVER, made!!

Bobby Anderson – Plant Fueled Trucker

“Can I just say again how amazing these are?! I cut up a large head of cauliflower and a large package of mushrooms and seasoned it up. I’ve made 3 meals out of the “meat” in place of ground beef, those three meals have made enough for two suppers and a lunch for two people. So cheap, so delicious, so versatile! Chuck you are an angel sent from heaven to show us veggie nirvana. Anyone who hasn’t tried this yet, you gotta do it! Do it now! Stop reading this comment and start cooking. You won’t be disappointed!
“This was my first attempt at making a vegan recipe. All I can say is AMAZE BALLS! I will definitely be making this recipe again and look forward to making more recipes from this site. Thank you Chuck for making this plunge into being a vegan not only tasty but less overwhelming by giving me many ideas of how to keep myself and my husband fed.”
“I made this today, and won a third place trophy in a neighborhood chili cook off, and there were nine other recipes, only two of them were vegan!  And this is Texas!  Very good!”
“Made this chili last night, served it to my husband and he said – no joke …. “This is the best damn chili“!   I had to laugh and congratulate you on the naming of this recipe !! #nailedit “
“Chuck, I discovered your green chili sour cream a few months ago… It has seriously changed my life!!!! I now sub silken tofu for the cashews to cut down on the fat. Thanks for this recipe!!!”
“Because your recipes and my Man are somehow cosmically linked. He’s liked every single recipe of yours that I’ve made for him. And he’s started to make them himself…which is his way of giving them 2 thumbs up. (This is from a man that happily ate frozen bbq tyson chicken wings and multiple bags of shredded cheese per week just 8 months ago.) Thank you Chuck!”
” I follow a lot of excellent vegan bloggers. I use recipes from all, but, you, Chuck, are my favorite. I made you ‘Best Damn Vegan Chili Ever’ last week. It is fabulous. And, the chicken and dumplings. Oh, my. I will be trying this next!”
” Everyone loves your recipes because they are normal food that everyone eats everyday. Not a fancy recipe you hope you will like. Just good ole home town cooking. ”   

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I'm Chuck Underwood and these are the recipes I used to transition to a whole food - plant based Vegan diet

I love good food, and these recipes will give you all that same "comfort food" taste without all the fat and cholesterol of our standard Western Diet.

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